Divine Wellness

Our retreat's wellness foundation has been meticulously developed from years of science-based medical research and is specifically designed with your wellness journey in mind.
It all begins with a Divine Retreat.

About the Hotel

A place carefully designed to help you reconnect

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Our wellness strategy optimizes the 3 pillars of functional medicine.

Mental Health

Our medically supervised programs are designed to create a safe space to focus on improving your mindset.

Emotional Health

During our retreats, educational experts use techniques with scientifically proven results to enhance your emotional state.

Spiritual Health

For optimized wellness, our retreats support your spiritual journey in a way that suits you.

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The 5 Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

The core of functional medicine's power is the ability to effect major life transformation through targeting the following 5 key areas of life.

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Rest & Relaxation

Adequate rest is vital for optimal health. Dedicating time daily and weekly to rest improves productivity and boosts energy. Our retreats provide you with dedicated time to rest and teach you how to incorporate relaxation in your daily life. Enjoy a custom spa treatment featuring local elements as you begin to unwind.

Exercise & Movement

During our retreats you will learn how to optimize movement through daily activities to achieve your fitness goals. Optimizing your physical performance is a major step towards becoming the best version of yourself.


Nutrition is an important modifiable lifestyle factor that is difficult to get right. Often good nutrition falls to the bottom of the list, but, in reality, it makes the biggest difference. During our retreats, we offer whole food, plant-based Farm to Table meals with organic ingredients sourced directly from the Grande Lake Farm.


Research shows that while stress is a part of life, it can have damaging effects if not managed. Our medical experts share practical insights and techniques to reduce your stress. Combined with our retreat health experiences, you’ll gain a more intentional outlook and greater positivity.


Often, it’s not just our bodies and minds that need renewal, but our relationships, too. We understand. Relationships are complicated and need nurturing whether it’s a relationship with ourselves or those closest to us. At Divine Retreats, you can explore the impact of your relationships on your life and health. Topics such as forgiveness, relationship with the Divine, emotional healing, and more will guide you in restoring, maintaining and building meaningful relationships.