Coming Fall 2023

This 7 night journey to the best you begins at the peak of luxury. Curated by industry leaders, with a foundation in medical science.

A retreat that is Truly one-of-a-kind

Limited to ~35 guests, this all-inclusive, weeklong wellness retreat will feature the perfect union of medical science and an unwavering commitment to service. All supported within a setting of the finest luxury resort features.

Coming Fall 2023

Science-based Wellness

Our team of world-class physicians and medical professionals will guide you to the best lifestyle for your body through custom experiences. Connection Sessions with our expert medical and wellness team are just the first steps.

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World-Class Dining

Our licensed nutritionist and Michelin-star quality Ritz-Carlton chefs have curated an entirely plant-based culinary journey. The innovative menu incorporates local ingredients that have been specifically selected to enhance your vitality and well-being with every bite.


Our plant-based breakfasts are wholesome and nutritious, designed to energize and awaken, so you can feel your best. Our nutritionist will always be on hand to provide insights into each dish that is served.


Plant-based and locally sourced lunches will feature a brief lesson from our nutritionist about the menu and how you can bring the recipe to life at home. Several Lunch & Learn cooking classes will be featured as well.

Evening Refresher

Light evening refreshers will be provided during the evening lecture for your enjoyment and health. Locally sourced and organic fruits, light bites, and teas will be available. During some events, full dinners will be provided. During some events, full dinners will be provided.

*During our pre-stay communication, we will discuss any dietary needs and restrictions. Our talented culinary team is proud to accommodate any dietary preferences.
* NO ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINE will be provided or included; however, they are available around the Resort. Artisan waters, teas and juices are provided.

Fitness & Exercise

Our licensed exercise physiologist will work with you to create your custom fitness plan for your stay. Daily outdoor walks, exercise classes and the Ritz Carlton's upscale, 24-hour fitness center will enrich your health through movement and activity. From swimming to exercise classes, a Divine Retreat will pique every fitness interest.

Expert Lectures

Medical industry leaders will present cutting-edge research on a variety of health topics. Preview a few of our lecture titles here. Each is specifically designed to equip you in continuing a healthier lifestyle after your retreat. They also offer activities, demonstrations, and various engagement opportunities.

1. Fresh Start (Daily mental health lecture)

2. The Silent Killer - Alzheimer's

3. Cancer - How to prevent it

4. Trust - How to improve your health

5. High Blood Pressure - How to control it

6. Nutrition & Meal Planning

7. Exercise - The best way to life

8. Cardiovascular Disease

9. Obesity Prevention

10. Reversing Diabetes

11. Rest - Why your body needs it

12. The Best Health Plan

Exclusive Events

Divine Retreats features several unique events during every retreat. A formal welcome dinner will inspire you while an intimate cooking class will invite you to learn new techniques. A piano concert will whisk you away and an evening reception outdoors will allow you time to reconnect with yourself. The week will culminate with a private firework show to celebrate your success.

Custom Experiences

Your days will include a wide array of opportunities for enrichment and entertainment, designed specifically to enhance your well- being. Select up to 12* experiences to enjoy during your retreat. (*Up to 3 during each of the four Custom Experiences sessions)

World-renowned Golf

Every stay includes a round of golf, complete with club & cart rental at the Ritz-Carlton's championship course to engage you in Florida's natural ecosystem. This pristine course has plenty of wildlife so you can reconnect with nature while enjoying the game.

Spa Treatments

Every stay features 2-3 spa treatments to relieve stress and uplift your spirit. Our signature treatments have been customized for this exclusive retreat so that you enjoy a completely unique experience with special access to the
award-winning Ritz-Carlton Spa.


Meet With An Expert

Dedicated one-on- one time with each of our medical professionals is included in every reservation. With two specialized tracks, our experts will guide you on a wellness journey that is made just for you. With expert doctors, a nutritionist, physical therapist, and exercise physiologist, we have every aspect of your health covered.

Musical Therapy

This experience features a selection of piano pieces so your stress melts away and your mind is sharpened. Listen and learn as a concert pianist instructs on how classical piano music boosts mental health and uplifts your spirit.

Cooking Classes

Join our nutritionist and expert chef as they teach you how to cook nutritious and tasty foods at home during these hands-on experiences. You will enjoy a delicious lunch and receive a recipe and shopping list so you can easily continue your culinary journey at home.

Farm Experience

Experience the art of local, organic farming with our local chef at the resort's large working farm. Learn how to grow your own produce, how to select the best plants for where you live, and how to care for them properly.

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Women's 3-night Retreat

This wellness experience helps women redesign every aspect of life in just one weekend. With the unparalleled service of our experts from across the nation, you can expect a truly Divine Retreat. Select a recommended retreat journey, or allow us to tailor one for you.

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$1,175 per night per guest
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Men's 3-night Retreat

This unique experience enables men to find balance and enhance their health and performance in all the ways that matter. Select from one of our recommended journeys or create your own. Whichever you choose, you can expect a truly Divine Retreat.

Starting at
$1,175 per night per guest
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Couples 3-night Retreat

Join us to reimagine your future and focus on reconnecting with your significant other and your wellness. Designed specifically for 2 guests joining as a couple. Select from one of our recommended retreat journeys, or allow us to tailor one to fit your goals.

Starting at
$2,350 per night per couple
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